Photo of Sharon Tewksbury-BloomDo Good, Be Good was founded by Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom to help good people do good work without going crazy in the process.

A lot of people (maybe you are one of them) got into their line of work to help people and to help their community. However, they get bogged down in the day to day challenges of working with other people. At best there are passive aggressive notes next to the break room sink. At worst you feel trapped in a job that you used to love, that you want to love again, but that you can not stand to go to because of the conflicts and lack of respect you feel from your colleagues. Sharon helps employees to build and restore trust, communicate more effectively, and recognize when to let a conflict go versus when to address it head on. She helps you to make work fun again.

Specifically, Sharon has designed communication training for local government employees that helps them be happier, more confident, and more professional at work.

Owner, Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom has worked in three different local governments and has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and Knowledge Management from George Mason University. She has ten years of experience in building relationships and community through working as a volunteer manager and program manager. She loves to geek out about organizational structure and systems and how we can create workplaces that encourage benevolence.