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The public sector is full of great people seeking meaningful work and a chance to make a difference. But a few years into the job, employees don’t feel appreciated, they lack trust in leadership and they begin to disengage.

I can help.

I help you to design training or a facilitated staff meeting to work on interpersonal communication within your organization. My programs help employees build trust and share knowledge.

But wait, we already have employee training, that is not the problem.

Our training is different. It is fun, engaging, and customized to each public service agency. Cynical staff members who have complained about attending training in the past rave about our workshops and retreats. They can’t believe they actually enjoyed it. And actually learned something! I can give you their phone numbers if you do not believe me.

Most of all, staff are amazed at the relationships that they build with other staff members.

Wouldn’t it be nice if after you hosted a staff training, staff sought you out to tell you how much they enjoyed it? It sounds implausible, but I have seen it happen.

Common concerns we hear from public sector leaders are:

  • How touchy-feely is it? …. we have had issues in the past
  • Is it going to be cheesy? Will we have to give everyone a pickle or some other vegetable?
  • What about the introverts?
  • The public sector is unique, most canned training does not resonate with our staff.

Those are legitimate concerns. I am happy to share that we have addressed all of them.

  • Although we provide interpersonal communication training, it is not touchy-feely. I am not a hugger, and I bring this quality to my training design. No trust falls. I will not use the word vulnerability. Limited discussion of feelings, and only with a healthy dose of humor and brain science for the engineers and feeling-skeptics.
  • There are no pickles involved. I love cheesy sports movies, but focus on relevant lessons which will lead to a-ha moments for staff.
  • I am an introvert and have a special place in my heart for the introverted amongst you. I’ve got your back. Again, no trust falls.
  • We use scenarios and stories based on public service so that every lesson is relevant and applicable.

Ok, you have my attention, I am ready to learn more.

Ok, you have my attention, but our budget is already allocated for this fiscal year.

I don’t like clicking buttons when I don’t know where they will lead me….

The first button will lead you to a fillable form to provide me with a little more information about yourself, your organization and your organization’s people needs. The second form is the same as the first, but it will let me know that you have a longer timeline and are just looking for information right now. Don’t worry, I will only email you back based on your responses and will not send you any additional emails, letters, unwanted puppies, or harrass you in anyway.

If you would like to be harrassed by me, you can subscribe to my blog or my podcast, or sign up for my email newsletter. You could even connect with me on LinkedIn. If you are really feeling overly familiar, you could Google my name. I am the only person named Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom in the world, so you will find 33,200 results and they are all me…. weird, huh? If you made it this far, we must be friends anyway, so, hello friend!


training participants

Customized workshops or training series which combine humor and realistic scenarios.


live facilitation

Build staff relationships through a facilitated staff retreat or on-site meeting. We assist with meeting design as well as live facilitation.


sharon tewksbury-bloom

Sharon is a trained organizational development and knowledge management consultant. Are you facing challenges with employee relationships or succession planning?

Your organization depends on strong employee relationships.

We will help you build those relationships. Transform your organization into one people are happy to come to and where they know they are doing meaningful work.

What people are saying about Do Good, Be Good

  • 1
    “I was able to take what she was teaching-relaying to us to my work situations that eventually helped in my situations.”
    RSVP Volunteer Program Director of Boone and Greene Counties
  • 2
    “Sharon is an excellent speaker, motivator and trainer.  One of the things Sharon excels at is being able to tailor a talk to a group's specific needs; she used real-life examples, meaningful data, and humor to prepare and motivate her audience. I highly recommend Sharon and her company Do Good, Be Good.”
    Northern Arizona University
  • 3
    “I have had the opportunity to watch Sharon facilitate leadership training with growth-mindset groups, as well as co-facilitate with her. She brings the outstanding balance of encouraging self- reflection for participants, maintaining optimism and a fun atmosphere, being direct, and she brings a calm and peaceful presence.”
    Owner of Lancaster Leadership
  • 4
    "This was the best webinar that I have ever attended and not just because of content matter but the delivery was phenomenal, thank you."
    AmeriCorps Supervisor